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p0340, p1260, engine vacuum testing results 
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Vehicle: 2001 Saab 9-3 2.0t LPT auto, B205E
Post p0340, p1260, engine vacuum testing results
Hi to everyone,

The car is 2001 year, 9-3 se 2.0t Ecopower 150bhp, Engine: B205E

The Engine light comes on, with hard codes all the time(after I delete them) even at idle speed:
And if I open the throttle at rpm higher than 2.2 rpm the Engine light starts blinking.

p0340: Camshaft position sensor circuit or single sensor.
Did some investigation:
• Checked all cables, connections, etc: seem OK
• New sparks,
• Checked for vacuum hose leaks(used a stethoscope): fixed 2 places
• Checked the DI cassette(with all four spark plugs(grounded them with a wire), attached to the DI cassette, placed them upright. Cranked the engine: there were sparks from all the plugs)

Is it possible the DI to be still faulty, it is a black for LP turbo, 2001 year?
Any other way to test the DI cassette,
Or the code p0340 could mean that the Crank sensor is faulty?

Also there is another code:
p1260: the Throttle return spring too low force:

Is it possible to be faulty/sticky/burned intake valve? That what I read in a manual, no explanation...
Or I have to clean the Throttle body, or may be to replace it?
Is it possible to get the Throttle spring tightened/winded up?

After attaching a Vacuum pump to the Throttle vacuum hoses:
• at idle, in the beginning: is OK stable at 20-21 in-Hg
• when the temp is up, and fan is on: the needle bounces(24-16 in-Hg)
• at 2500rpm: the needle is widely bouncing(25-15 In-Hg)
• at snap throttle: the needle never goes to low(max to 15 in-Hg)
• Cranking vacuum: OK at 2-4 in-Hg

Checked cylinder compression: all four: 12.5 kPa (190 LBS p sq inch)

Would you please give some ideas, for further investigation/solutions?
Many thanks


Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:22 am

Joined: Fri Mar 20, 2009 4:14 am
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Vehicle: 2001 Saab 9-3 2.0t LPT auto, B205E
Post Re: p0340, p1260, engine vacuum testing results
Here are some interesting work on the Throttle body potentiometer cleaning and wires:

I opened the Throttle Body last night, used some spray grease to prevent breaking the plastic catches.

Found that most of the wires(4 black for the front potentiometer) and 4 coloured for the other pot. were with cracked or/and peeled insulation.
You can see that only if you lift up the black connector.
I believe the reasons are temperature and age related.
I managed to re-insulate them, using a el. insulating tape.
I know, did the lazy job, we will see.
Then check all connectors for continuity and/or short cut between them.

Regarding the side access potentiometer cleaning:
Sprayed(underneath the rotor, while turning constantly the TB valve) tons of el. connection cleaner. It evaporates easily. And assembled the unit.

After cleaning the Throttle Body and connecting it to the car, stopped receiving a specific code(p1260: throttle return spring too low force), so far.

However, still have the problem with my DI cassette(related codes: p0340, and p0300),
and a pending code: p1300(torque limitation, throttle valve), which IS THE BIG QUESTION
Is this possibly still related to the DI cassette malfunction or is still Throttle body potentiometer related issue?

Well, waiting for my "working(bought from eBay with a three months warrantee)" DI cassette to arrive, so I can finally solve this dilemma.
BTW, I will put new plugs, and new 4mm vacuum hoses.
Air filter is new, compression is fine, no vacuum leaks(checked).
So, I will let you all know very soon about my success.

Here are some pics of the TB cracked wires: link

Tue Mar 24, 2009 2:42 pm
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Post Re: p0340, p1260, engine vacuum testing results
Just want to welcome you to the forums. Where are you from? Maybe a little intro?

Keep posting, we're listening.... :wink:

Oh, check your link too please.


Wed Mar 25, 2009 8:09 pm
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Post Re: p0340, p1260, engine vacuum testing results
These links may be of interest to you

Post #235 of this thread ... ost1069074

Some pics are missing and they're on here's/

For the cracked wires this thread is interesting too ... ge=4&pp=20

Good luck

Thu Mar 26, 2009 4:50 pm
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